Homeowner's Association Bylaws (pdf)

Guide to Architectural Standards

The Woodfield Community Association, Inc provides this Guide to Architectural Standards to each Woodfield homeowner.

The Standards are intended to provide continuation of the aesthetic harmony of the Woodfield Community, and to maintain the desirable appearance of the homes and grounds so that the property values of all homeowners will continue to be adequately protected.

Homeowners are cautioned that nothing contained herein, nor any actions of the Woodfield Community Association, Inc., are intended or should they be construed to be submitted plan, products or construction.

Contact the Architectural Modification department at Architectural Modification department with questions

Contact the Violations Disputes/Resolutions at Violations Disputes/Resolutions department with questions

Additions to Home

In general, additions, enclosures or alterations shall be in keeping with the general style of the main structure. Traditional style houses shall maintain brick front walls with siding for all other walls. Contemporary homes shall maintain diagonal or horizontal lap wood or hardboard siding.

Air Conditioners - Central Compressor Units

All central air conditioning compressor units shall be located on the ground. Units visible from the street should be screened by wooden fencing, or by landscape plants / bushes with a suitable density and height to effectively hide the compressor unit from view.

Air Conditioners - Window Units

Window mounted air conditioning units shall not be visible from the street.


Freestanding transmission or reception towers shall not be constructed on any homeowner's property. Radio or television antennas shall be affixed to the fireplace chimney or supported by tripod mount on the rear roof slope, in a manner that minimizes their appearance from the street. No unusually tall or unsightly structures shall be built

Architectural Features

Brick: In general, no pastel color bricks shall be used for construction. Earth tones, or used brick are preferred. Brick shall be of standard size and proportion.

Concrete Block: Concrete block and concrete used for retaining walls shall be veneered with stone, brick, split concrete block, or cement mortar as appropriate. Concrete walls may be painted or stucco-ed to match house trim color.

Stonework: Stonework shall be comprised of Tennessee Fieldstone, or equivalent, with natural color mortar. Stones shall be of random size and shape. They shall be laid in ashlars veneer rather than rubble form.

Siding: Siding material shall be wooden or hardboard of horizontal-lap form. Backboards (Basketball) Backboards shall be clear, painted white, or in the same trim color as used on the house.

Boats, Trailers, Motor homes

Boats, trailers and motor homes, as well as equipment unlicensed for street use shall be parked so that it is not visible from any street. Wooden fences shall be constructed to screen any such vehicles or equipment from view.

Dog Houses and Dog Runs

Dog Houses and Dog Runs (fenced enclosures) shall be placed in the rear of the property, out of sight from the street. Dog runs shall be constructed of unobtrusive fencing (see Fencing). Dogs shall be kept leashed and curbed while walking in the neighborhood.

Doors, Windows, Screens

All exterior wooden doors other than the front door of the home shall be painted to match the trim color. The front door shall be naturally finished or painted to match the trim color. Metal doors, windows and storm doors shall be anodized aluminum in a dark color or painted to match the trim color. Window screens shall be dark colored.


Driveway surfaces shall be maintained without excessive cracks or missing pieces. Fences Homeowners are cautioned to observe property lines carefully when planning fence locations. In general, fences shall be constructed of wood in decorative styles of shadow, board-on-board, basket weave, latticework or other attractive styles. Split-rail fences shall be built if their location and appearance from the street maintains the visual harmony of the area. Metal

fence posts and chain link fences shall only be constructed in areas not visible from the street or screened from view of neighboring properties (hidden by landscape.)

Free Standing Buildings

Freestanding storage buildings shall only be constructed in the rear of a property and out of sight from any street. The buildings shall be in keeping with the general style of the main structure and shall be finished in muted or earth tones that match the main structure.

Garbage Containers

All garbage containers shall be kept out of view from any street, except on the day scheduled for garbage pick-up.


Landscaping shall consist of vegetation native to the Southeast. It shall relate to the existing terrain and the natural features of the property. A natural appearance is preferred. Where topography makes grass lawns impractical, ground cover or low growing shrubs such as junipers are recommended for planting. All landscaping shall be maintained in a healthy condition, pruned or cut to provide a neat appearance. Yard sculptures, such as birdbaths, fountains or statuary shall be tasteful in appearance and unobtrusive when viewed from the street. The maintenance of an attractive, regularly mowed lawn is the responsibility of each homeowner. All lawns shall be cut and trimmed regularly. Placing or blowing lawn trimmings in street gutters or onto the street is discouraged.


Mailboxes shall be of uniform size and painted flat black. The mailbox post shall be a traditional design and made of cedar.


In general, muted or earth tone shades of paint are preferred, in keeping with colors used in the Woodfield community. Bright colors or primary colors are discouraged.

Playground Equipment / Structures, Tree Houses

All playground equipment shall be placed in the rear of the property and shall be painted to blend with natural surroundings. Wooden play structures are preferred. Excessively elaborate structures are discouraged unless screened from view of adjoining properties or the street

Swimming Pools

Construction of above ground pools is discouraged. Homeowners are cautioned to check with local authorities to determine setback and fencing requirements prior to in-ground pool construction.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls, if wooden, shall be constructed of wood timbers that are treated with a wood preservative (e.g. Creosote), or finished in a color scheme that matches the house trim. If constructed of concrete block or poured concrete, retaining walls shall be veneered as stated above under Architectural Features. The height of the retaining wall shall be no greater than the earth backfill. Homeowners are encouraged to consult property plats and to observe minimum setback lines for any retaining wall structure.


Dark or earth tone shingles shall be used for roofing material, in keeping with colors used in the Woodfield Community.

Roof Stacks / Vents

Roof stacks and vents shall be placed on the rear roof slope wherever possible and shall not extend above the roof ridge. All roof stacks and vents shall be finished in a color that matches the roofing material.

Satellite Dishes

The installation of any satellite dish or antenna shall be finished so as to blend with natural surroundings. The satellite dish shall not be obtrusive in size or location and shall be screened from street view.


All real estate signs shall be no larger than 18 x 24 inches and displayed on a standard metal or wooden stake. Garage sale signs shall be displayed only immediately before and during a garage sale. No more than two signs shall be displayed on any property at one time. No other signs shall be displayed.

Solar Heat Collectors

All solar collectors shall be placed on the roof slope and plans should be submitted to the Woodfield HOA Board for approval PRIOR to contracting and installation. Approvals will be made on a case by case basis.

Tennis Courts

Construction of private tennis courts is discouraged, since their size is incompatible with existing lot sized in the Woodfield Community.


Any trees greater than 4 inches in diameter, measured 2 feet above the ground, that are cut down, shall be replaced with at least one other new tree, planted within the homeowner's property.

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens shall be located in rear yards and screened from the view of any street and adjoining properties.

Vehicle Parking

Vehicles shall not be parked on Woodfield streets overnight, other than on a temporary basis. Vehicles shall be parked off the street on the homeowner's property. Homeowners are reminded that extended street parking degrades the appearance of the neighborhood and may cause a traffic or safety hazard.