Pool & Swim Team


Pool is open from Memorial Day through the last Sunday in September

Sunday 6am-10pm
Monday 6am-10pm
Tuesday 6am-10pm
Wednesday 6am-10pm
Thursday 6am-10pm
Friday 6am-10pm
Saturday 6am-10pm
Lifeguard(s) are on duty from noon-6pm. Before and after those times is a swim at your own risk policy

Pool Rules

These rules are supplementary to the Fulton County Pool Rules (noted with F.C.# ).   Use pool at your own risk.  Damages caused by members and their guests will be assessed to those members.  Violation of these rules can be cause for fines and/or suspension of club privileges.*

Access to Pool Area

  1. Key card required for entry. If you have lost your access card, please contact the board to get a new card. Each replacement is $20.
  2. Gates must remain closed at all times.  No swinging on or propping open gates.
  3. Only members in good standing and guests permitted.*
  4. Guest limit is 2 guests per homeowner. Guests must be accompanied by a member.*
  5. Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult or responsible individual of at least 16 years of age at all times. When a lifeguard is present, children aged 12-15 may swim at the pool without additional adult supervision.  Expansion of F.C. #5
  6. Anyone caught vandalizing the pool or pool bathrooms will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  7. No animals other than service animals allowed. F.C. #2

Use of Facilities

  1. The pool cannot be used for special events withour prior authorization. Please send an e-mail to the Woodfield Board if you are interested in reserving the pool. Sears Pool Management Company and the Board will review your request, and if approved, they will coordinate additional lifeguards, if needed.*
  2. Swimming alone is not permitted. The Woodfield Community Association has made provisions for the safety of swimmers, however the Association accepts no responsibility for anyone using the pool or facilities.F.C. # 7


  1. The lifeguard, when present, has complete control of the pool area, including the authority to enforce all rules and limit the activity of anyone disturbing the enjoyment of others. If a person continues to break the pool rules, the lifeguard has the authority to remove the person from the pool for the remainder of the day. When enforcing the rules, the lifeguards' word is FINAL.
  2. No sports equipment (bikes, skate boards, roller blades, balls etc.). Do not park bikes, scooters, etc. on the sidewalk in front of the clubhouse, please use the provided bike racks.
  3. No glassware or bottles are permitted in the pool area. Food is permitted; however this policy will be discontinued if the pool area is not kept clean. Food and drink are not allowed within 5 feet of the pool. Please dispose of all trash/recyclable material in the containers provided. - F.C. # 1
  4. When the lifeguard is present, the pool will be cleared every hour for a period of fifteen minutes for an adult swim and lifeguard break. During the adult swim/adult break, there are no provisions for the safety of swimmers. During this time, children under 12 are not allowed near the pool, including steps and ladders. 
  5. Please use discretion in using flotation devices when the pool is crowded. These devices limit the view of the lifeguard.
  6. Only one person at a time permitted on diving boards. No double bouncing.
  7. No Smoking in the pool area.
  8. No swimming in diving area when boards are in use.  Divers must exit pool immediately.
  9. No running, fighting, improper language or disorderly conduct of any kind. Expansion of F.C. #10

Health Concerns

  1. The Woodfield Community Association requires that all children who are not toilet trained wear swim diapers in the pool. Swim diapers should fit snugly.
  2. Shower and rinse thoroughly before entering the pool.  F.C. #3
  3. No food or drink allowed within five feet (5’) of the pool. F.C. #4
  4. Bathers with open wounds, skin conditions, or any communicable condition not allowed F.C. #6
  5. Bathers shall wear bathing attire. F.C. #8
  6. No spitting, spouting or blowing nose. F.C. #9

These rules are for the safety and enjoyment of all members.  Please be respectful of all patrons.  Please notify lifeguards, the Board, or the pool management company at jackie@searspool.com of any health and safety issues or if you notice any maintenance problems with the pools. 
If you have any questions or concerns about the stated rules or issues at any Woodfield Facility, please contact the board at board@woodfieldcommunity.org.    Thank you!

Additional Explanation of rules:

Clarification of Membership from bylaws:

Title-holder(s) of the home are the official members.   Title-holder is defined as the ‘Owner’ as listed by the Fulton County Assessor’s office.

Use of facilities:  

  1. Residents of home:  all official residents of the home may access the facilities.  All residents of each home must be registered by the Owner with the Secretary when the dues invoice is paid or by direct contact with the Secretary.
  2. Occupants who are not Owners:  Owner can decide who gets access (Owner or Occupant – but NOT both).
  3. Families of owners who do not live in neighborhood may not have regular access to the facilities but can join as outside members.  Regular access is defined as access not considered ‘guest access’ outlined below:
  4. Guests:  Members in good standing may bring guests to the facilities no more than 2 times per week for the same guest(s).    Special access arrangements for out-of-town or long-term guests may be made with the board. 
  5. Pool Parties - advanced notice must be given to the board - and the pool management company BY the board - to ensure that there are enough lifeguards to cover large pool parties with large amounts of children. If additional lifeguards are required for a party at the pool, a fee will apply to cover the cost of the extra lifeguards. Generally, this will be determined by the impact of outside children attending the party (vs. member children who may already have been at the pool on a normal basis).
  6. Members cannot pay lifeguards to stay late or to work at the facility for any reason unless the board and pool management company approve the event. 
  7. Swim Certificates - please contact the board for information on how to get a Swim Certificate for your 10 or 11 year old.

Penalties for Violation of rules:
1st offense: verbal warning
2nd offense: written warning
3rd offense: fine ($50)
4th offense:  fine ($100) and suspension of privileges

Woodfield Waves Swim Team

One of Woodfield's goals for our community is to give our members social and physical activities, community interaction, and the development of sportsmanship, team spirit and sense of community. Our award-winning swim team, the Woodfield Waves Swim Team provides affordable swimming lessons available for all experience levels in private or group settings.

Woodfield has a great summer swim team, the Woodfield Waves. We are a part of the North Atlanta Swim Association (NASA). Our team includes boys and girls ages 4 - 18. Our season usually starts in mid May and runs until early July. The team is divided into different age groups. The youngest (6 and under) swim backstroke and freestyle. All the other age groups swim backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly. Children do not have to know how to swim all the strokes to be on the team; we will teach them. Our coaches are certified in life-saving techniques by the American Red Cross Water & Safety Organization.

For information please visit the Woodfield Waves Web Page or contact swim@woodfieldcommunity.org